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Praise God! He has remained faithful to us throughout the past year.

We had a mixed year, having experienced a major fire in August. We were without electricity, lost most of our equipment, and suffered structural damages to our building.

When I arrived at the church at 2:15 a.m. a number of folks from the church were there, and the firemen and policemen were there. After the servicemen left, we sat around praying, talking and just giving God thanks.

When the sun rose and we could see, I said let us get ready for church. So we did. We even had a marriage at the church. Brother Stephen and Sister Shanieka got married. We were without electricity, but God remained faithful.

I asked Stephen, who worked at a generator store, to go to his boss and borrow a generator for his wedding. The boss came to the church, looked around, and loaned us the generator for that day. I spoke with him about how he could assist us as a church, and he gave us a financing plan, and gave us the generator. So on we go; we never stopped.

By the end of August we still had our Victory Rally with Pastor Smith, who came and put more fire on the fire we had, and just encouraged us. We then had a baptism, and continued to put our shoulders to the wheel in spite of our deficiencies.

In December we had our Christmas Dinner and Thanksgiving service, and a number of visitors came. As I was preaching the generator gave way, so I continued preaching in the dark with a few phone lights, pulled an altar call, and several folks made decisions for Jesus. Some are still with us today.

We then had a great revival with Pastor David Salano, followed by Pastor David Small, in January and March, respectively. We serve a good God who continues to help us! We put on a drama production Easter Monday titled Jesus.

We are relentless in doing the work here in Kingston, Jamaica. We covet some more partners for revivals and for an invasion team. We are committed to the task. It must be done, it can be done, it will be done. Thank you to my pastor, Pastor Ajala, to Pastor Warner, and to all who continue to be there for us in prayer. God bless you as we stay the course for Jesus!

kingston fire

kingston fire

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